Monday, February 18, 2019

Sensor Example Workhop

LDR (CdS) (or Photocell)

  • Light Dependant Resistor- Senses light and creates electrical readout. 

-Arduino can output 5v MAXIMUM

Serial Communications control the way the arduino communicates with the computer. Serial is a built in method so it's capitalized and has a ". appendage"

  1. Arduino measures current read
  2. Arduino compares reading value to value of voltage output
  3. Arduino sets a voltage to the LED that matches the scale of reading

MAP Function
map(var, min, max, minB, maxB);

Photocell code is on the Arduino website

Week 5

x = = y
x! = y <----NOT equal to

&& <------- AND
|| <----- OR

Constants are always written in CAPITALS

if (b == TRUE) {
else {

For (initialization; condition; expression) {

"WHILE" Loops
"DoWHILE" Loops

Project 1 Notes/Documentation

I want to create a pair of gloves that transform the wearer into a human amplifier. On one glove will be a small contact microphone, which is designed to pick up vibrations in almost any surface its placed against. The other glove is outfitted with a large surface transducer, which is a component designed to vibrate flat surfaces to create resonance within them. When the user places both components on separate surfaces, even the weakest of vibrations are picked up by the contact mic, fed through an Arduino micro controller, where this data is translated and amplified into a signal sent out to the large signal transducer, causing the surface its placed against to produce the same pattern of tones as the other surface.

EDIT: The surface transducer is proving to be too difficult and doesnt exactly fit the tone of the prompt, so its being replaced with a piezo speaker.

tutorial references

Suface Transducer:

Contact Mic:

Piezo mic will be assigned to an analog pin and requires a set of three resistors to produce a stable signal and prevent over-voltage.


The Toaster Project
-I can get a toaster anywhere
- Requires Economies of scale, Engineering, Materials Science
-Thomas Thwaites built a toaster from scratch, mined ore for the metal by hand

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Week 3 Notes


Camel Case (lowerUpper)

Delays are measured in milliseconds

int delayVal () {
          int v;
          v= analogRead (pot);
          return v;

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Project 1 Research

PROMPT: tl;dr: Students will design an appliance that increases or extends their sensory perception using the Arduino, sensors, code, etc

Sensory Perception Projects

  • NASA's Ames Research Center-Extension of the Human Senses

At EHS, they study Human-machine interface specifically in context to device controls. Theyre attempting to replace older analog controls like levers and joysticks with newer, more intuitive controls that mimic the ways human interact with one another. They even tap into EMG and EEG signals directly. They're working with other partners to develop non-contact electrodes that would sewn into the clothing of the crew. This is in an attempt to gain consistent signal reception over long periods of time. 

An EMG armband controls a flight simulation

Affordable Vendors:

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Notes Week 2

-A space for likeminded makers and creators to share resources
-Community, creative, collaborative

Phreaking-Understanding networks so well that you can manipulate the system to gain free calls.

Hackerspaces wiki contains a map of all the official hackerspaces around the US.


Fritzing is a fantastic program to build prototype schematics
-Fritzing has a ton of different components that we use regularly and can even emulate coding languages to a degree.
-Be cognizant that the piece you select meets the specifications you need, not just that it looks similar.

Sensor Example Workhop

LDR (CdS) (or Photocell) Light Dependant Resistor- Senses light and creates electrical readout.  -Arduino can output 5v MAXIMUM ...